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Our symptom-specific supplements are formulated with evidence-based ingredients and designed so you can find the best combination for your symptoms, from the foundation up.

Start with the Foundation and then mix and match to target your menopause pain points.

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The benefits

Fact, one pill alone can’t tackle the broad variety of symptoms experienced during the perimenopause and menopause,

Our formulas are developed with clinically studied ingredients and traditional highly-valued Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines to address the most common physical and emotional impacts of menopause, uniquely created to be used in tandem to match your individual needs.

The bio-active ingredients in our core Foundation product help tackle some of the most common menopause symptoms, helping to transition to a healthy later life. This broad-spectrum tonic includes Black Cohosh and Astragalus to help reduce hot flushes and combat night sweats, while Peony and Liquorice ease symptoms of mood swings, support hormone health and calm the mind.

If you’re dragging yourself through the day because you just can’t get a good night’s sleep our Sleep product can help poor and broken sleep brought on by the menopause. Californian Poppy and Passion Flower helps hasten sleep and alleviate night-time waking, multi-tasking Magnesium relaxes and calms and hops help treat insomnia.

Changing hormone levels, sleep disruption and constant low-grade fatigue can be a constant drain on energy. The energising action of Siberian Ginseng and Ashwagandha help improve feelings of vitality, Guarana helps takes on low fatigue while Biotin, Coenzyme Q10 and a range of B Vitamins improve mood and help boost energy.

You don’t need to let the fog, focus and lack of concentration that comes with the menopause impact your everyday life. The Schisandra Fruit in Focus helps tackle cognitive function, Bacopa is an excellent memory and brain tonic, Green Tea increases mental alertness and Ginger and Ginkgo Biloba will help attention and mental flexibility.

A reduced libido can have a real impact on you and your relationships. So, if you’re just not feeling yourself, or anyone else, our Libido product can help. Shatavari enhances libido and sexual functions, Korean Ginseng is well-known to improve arousal and sexual desire, Zinc and Tribulus help improve libido, while Vitamin A is added to support vaginal health and manage dryness.

Low mood, a decreased ability to cope and low-level stress, anger and irritability are very common side effects of hormonal changes during menopause. Our Mood adaptagen Supplement contains Lavender Oil helping promote feelings of relaxation, Green Tea Leaf to improve stress levels, Vitamin C and Zinc that act as mood-boosters and St John’s Wort and Saffron to help balance mood and improve anxiety.

100% Natural.    Evidence-Backed.    No Fillers.    Powerful Ingredients.    100% Natural.    Evidence-Backed.    No Fillers.    Powerful Ingredients.   
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Our refill system uses sustainable packaging designed to protect your supplements from UV light, oxygen and moisture.

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Our promise

We rely on nature for our ingredients and aim to give back to nature through our business.

Glass Jars
Kept for monthly refills, we use infinitely recyclable glass jars for our supplements. Reuse, repurpose or recycle.

Refill Sachets
Our bio-film sachets are plant based, made from renewable resources derived from wood pulp, corn starch, cassava and sugarcane. Tested for home and industrial composting.

Subscription Boxes
100% recycled paper pulp is used to build our boxes. Our materials are left raw and natural, not laminated smooth or shiny, ensuring easy recycling or composting.

Welcome Box
Made from recycled paper pulp and printed with non-toxic Soy ink. Our stickers are made from uncoated FSC® certified paper. 100% recyclable.


At The Menopause Co. quite simply, we’re for every woman and we’ll be your partner, guide and supporter through the perimenopause and menopause years.

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Take charge of your menopause

Above all else, we focus on research, quality, and absorption for results you can feel. From symptoms to solutions, your journey to menopause health starts here.