Evidence-backed ingredients that work

The Menopause Co. was born with a passion to shine a clear light on a better way.

In collaboration with leading naturopaths, herbalists and formulators, we take a holistic approach to develop products that support your body and your needs before, during and after this transitionary life stage.

Every one of our ingredients is supported by either clinical science or by strong tradition
of medical use.

Our ingredients

You’ll only find high concentrations of evidence-based ingredients in our products, based on evidence from human clinical trials and blended with traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.

Our compounded formulas use these ingredients in the full scientific and traditional doses which have been shown to produce optimal results.

We’ll never compromise by adding unnecessary bulking agents or fillers, just 100% clean active ingredients sourced from trusted industry manufacturers. Rigorously tested, potent and traceable

All of our ingredients meet the highest quality standards for purity. Rigorously tested, clean, potent, and evidence-based.

We formulate products using only the most bioavailable active ingredients to deliver optimum results.

Unlike many supplements on the market, all of our products are made without unnecessary bulking agents or fillers. Only 100% natural premium ingredients are used in every formula.

Driven by innovation, we pair clinically proven ingredients backed by science with traditionally highly-valued Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to deliver evidence-based solutions

We work alongside experienced naturopaths and herbalists when developing our supplements, formulating with the correct full-strength dose of potent ingredients for effectiveness, purity and safety.

We go to great lengths to source premium quality plant-based extracts. Natural ingredients with potent essential plant-actives and minerals for all over body and brain health. Effective, clean and safe.

Clean    Tested    Potent    Evidence-Based    Clean    Tested    Potent    Evidence-Based    Clean    Tested    Potent    Evidence-Based   

Not all supplements are created equal

Years of research, clinical trials and studies have shown the hero ingredients in our products to be highly effective for targeting each individual symptom.

Compounded supplements formulated with full strength-doses for results you can feel.




No Binders

No Preservatives


  • Vegan Capsules

    We use Vcaps® capsules for all our supplements, made from plant-based materials that easily dissolve. Certified Vegetarian and Vegan, Kosher and Halal, and verified non-GMO, gluten-free and preservative-free.

  • 100% Natural

    Carefully selected natural plant-based ingredients are used in our formulas, every product is free from toxic synthetics, preservatives, and fillers and guaranteed to be cruelty-free.

  • Evidence-Based

    Above all else, we focus on the latest scientific research, evidence from human clinical studies and Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines to create results you can feel.