Our story

Founder of The Menopause Co. Sarah Green has been on a roller coaster journey through perimenopause. Like many women, she endured years of debilitating night sweats, chronic fatigue, depression, misdiagnosis, medication with endless questions but no answers, until she was at her lowest ebb.

Sarah eventually diagnosed herself with perimenopause and started on HRT. Searching for menopause education, good quality supplements and a legitimate support network, she found nothing. In desperation Sarah turned to a long-time friend Ruth Kendon a leading naturopath, and herbalist. Together they started mixing tinctures and blends to help Sarah’s specific symptoms.

The supplements she was creating were life-changing for her. Knowing her own story was far from unique, Sarah thought this was something she could do to help make a difference to other women’s lives. And so with passion and purpose The Menopause Co. was born.

The Menopause Co

At The Menopause Co. we are 100% focused on menopause.

We’re here to shine a bright light onto menopause and empower women to live, love, lead and feel well through their menopause journey.

We do this by providing clear information to learn from, the safety and solidarity of a community to engage with, and symptom-specific supplements, scientifically formulated to address the most common physical and emotional impacts of menopause.

Women Thriving In menopause

We believe the menopause years are a time for thriving, not just surviving. But what that looks and feels like for you, might be totally different from your friend, your sister or your colleague, because we’re all wonderfully unique.

We understand that finding what’s right for you, right now, is the key to mastering your menopause. And because your menopause will last for many years, it’s not going to be the same the whole way through.

The Menopause Co. came from one woman's ordeal, but it's for every woman's experience. - Sarah Green, Founder

Life changing supplements

At different stages during your menopause, it’s common to experience different symptoms, which is why The Menopause Co. products have been designed with specific functions in mind so you can mix and match as your body changes.

Our supplements are created with clinically proven ingredients combining science, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines to deliver effective evidence-based solutions. Always safe, never toxic.

Each product is individually compounded by our pharmacist just for you, using medical grade doses for maximum impact.

Formulated with experts

The Menopause Co. was born with a passion to shine a clear light on a better way.

Striving for products that would have maximum impact, we collaborated with industry experts, including a leading pharmacist and a highly respected naturopath and herbalist, Ruth Kendon. ND, DBM, FNHA. Ruth has 30 years of industry experience, including teaching clinical nutrition and 5 years as a Director of the Board of the Naturopaths and Herbalists’ Association of Australia. We’ve created products we’re proud of, and we hope you love them too.

Our difference

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products, information and education with honesty and integrity. Trust us, we’ve been there too.

  • Symptom Specific

    Our formulas are developed to target the primary symptoms of menopause. Simply mix and match products as and when you need them.

  • Sustainable

    Caring for you while caring for the planet are our priorities. 95% of our packaging is reusable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

  • Australian Made & Owned

    Our products are compounded and packed specifically for you here in Australia, in facilities that meet the highest quality standards.

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