Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to deep, refreshing sleep with our powerful sleep formula.
Designed to address the challenges of falling asleep, staying asleep and helps you wake up feeling rejuvenated.
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Problems getting to sleep, staying asleep and feeling rested when you wake up, are all common during the menopause and perimenopause. More than just tiredness, chronic and prolonged sleep problems can lead to depression, anxiety and poor cognitive function as well as low energy. Take our Sleep blend and rest easy.

How To Use

How to take it: Take one capsule with water an hour before bedtime.

This formula contains fast acting ingredients that will help you sleep within 30 minutes of taking.

Need To Knows

This product will be specifically compounded for you by our Pharmacist.

All of our products are designed to be mixed and matched to your unique symptoms and are designed to be compatible with other menopause treatments. If in doubt, talk to your health professional.

All our ingredients are clean, potent and evidence-based. See full active ingredient table


Precautions: If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamins and dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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Good for

Hastens the time to get to sleep
Helps alleviate waking up in the night
Relaxes the body
Calms the mind
Relieves symptoms of mild anxiety

Key ingredient benefits



Relaxes the brain and body and promotes healthy sleep.

Hops strobiles

Western Herbal medicine

Promotes sleep and relieves mild anxiety and menopause symptoms.

California poppy

Western Herbal medicine

A mild relaxant that calms nerves and acts to promote sleep.

Passion flower

Western Herbal medicine

Eases anxiety and nervous tension, supports relaxation and restful sleep.

Now try this

Avoid using electronic devices, like your phone, before going to sleep, preferably at least half an hour before you’re planning to go to bed. Checking your phone stimulates your brain and makes it harder to fall into a restful sleep. Charge your phone in another room to avoid the temptation of looking at it.

Hastens the time to get to sleep.   Helps alleviate waking up in the night.   Relaxes the body.   Calms the mind.   Relieves symptoms of mild anxiety.   

The formulation

Made with 4 herbal and nutritional active ingredients.

Adults only. In very rare cases black cohosh has been associated with liver failure. If you experience yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, dark urine, neausea, vomiting, unusual tiredness, weakness, stomach/abdominal pain and/or loss of appetite, stop using this product and consult your doctor.

Hops (10:1) 150 mg
California Poppy (10:1) 150 mg
Passionflower (10:1) 200 mg
Magnesium 50 mg

Extra relief when combined with these

The Foundation blend is the ideal starting point to an easier menopause. Combine with other symptom specific formulations for even greater menopause relief.

no fillers
No fillers

clean ingredients
Clean, non toxic ingredents

vegan capsules
Vegan friendly

Developed with experts

responsible packaging
Responsible packaging


Problems getting to sleep, staying asleep, and feeling rested when you wake up are all common during menopause and perimenopause. More than just tiredness, chronic and prolonged sleep problems can lead to depression, anxiety and poor cognitive function, as well as low energy.

Our Sleep supplement combines natural herbal and nutritional ingredients, scientifically proven to deliver results. Formulated with magnesium, a fundamental requirement for healthy deep sleep; Californian poppy, known for its fast-acting sedative effects; passionflower, a Western herbal medicine used for centuries to treat insomnia; and hops to support the production of GABA in the brain, improving both your sleep quality and duration.

Our Sleep formula contains fast-acting ingredients that will help you drift off to a deep sleep within 30 minutes of taking it.

We believe that women going through perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause deserve products better than those currently available on the market.

Collaborating with naturopaths, herbalists, and pharmacists with over 30 years of experience, The Menopause Co. supplements are unlike anything you will find on your regular retail shelves. Why? Because our formulas are compounded and created specifically for you by our pharmacist, allowing us to combine 100% premium-grade ingredients in the precise strength and dosage that have been shown to produce optimal results.

All of our products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, if you are unsure we would always recommend speaking with your health practitioner before taking any new supplements.

Our products have been carefully designed to be compatible with other menopause treatments, however, we do recommend that you talk to your health professional before starting any new supplements if you’re using prescribed medications.

We do strongly recommend taking the Foundation supplements - designed as an all-over brain and body tonic and the starting point to supporting your body on your menopause journey. If you choose not to use the Foundation product, this won't affect the results of the other supplements in any way.

Our products are designed to deliver both fast-acting results (some ingredients in as little as 30 minutes!) and long-term results supporting optimal health in midlife and beyond. You’ll notice a tangible boost to well-being in just 30 days, and we recommend 90 days to see maximum results. Consistency is key to a healthy menopause and using our subscription plan makes that easy.

No, all our supplements are room-temperature stable, although we do recommend storing them out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dark place.

All of our ingredients including the capsule are 100% vegan.

Every one of our formulas is gluten-free.

The Menopause Co. products are only available to purchase through our online store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sleep at last

Tried lots of things and this sleep supplement has the best so far.

No more waking at 2am!

Wow……. these are amazing! Having struggled for months to get to sleep and stay asleep, I started taking The Menopause Co sleep tablets. Now, I get 7 hours of solid, quality sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I never want to run out!


I've been struggling with insomnia since I started peri-menopause, but this supplement has been a lifesaver. I sleep through the night now and wake up feeling refreshed


I used to wake up several times a night, but now I sleep through the night without any problems.

Sleep capsules

So happy with this product after years of broken sleep, I'm now going to sleep and staying asleep for least 5-6hrs at night, I don't wake up groggy at all in the morning, so planning on going on a subscription as I don't want to run out Thank you for bringing the capsules out for Australians