Engineered to support a healthy menopause

In collaboration with a team of leading naturopaths, herbalists and pharmacists our supplements were formulated using targeted natural ingredients, vitamins, adaptogens and nootropics to support optimal health in the perimenopause and menopause years.

Personalise your product combinations

We believe that good menopause health starts from the foundation up.

Start your daily routine with our base formula and build your custom bundle with products where you need support.

  • Step one

    We recommend starting with our Foundation product, a general tonic to support the body and brain, calm the mind, support hormonal health, relieve hot flushes and night sweats.

  • Step two

    Add the targeted products that you feel will help your menopause symptoms.

  • Step three

    With a subscription your products are delivered to your door every month in a compostable pouch to refill your jar. Change formulas at any time to help your sleep, mood, energy, focus and libido.